Explore the Satta Bazaar in Kolkata

The ‘Satta Bazar’ or ‘Bazaar of Good Mind’ as it is popularly known to the locals of Bangladesh is a multi-purpose, open-air bazaar in Ghanbari, located in the centre of Dhaka. It is here where you can purchase almost everything on earth. From flower markets, handicrafts and handloom weaves, to dry fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, spices and more, this open air market is truly a ‘green’ treasure of South Asia.

The heart of the sattaking Bazaar is located at Ghanbari near the intersection of M.R. avenue and M.D. Road. This area was once the Garden City, but now it is home to a wide assortment of shops selling almost anything imaginable. The area is easily accessible by bus, taxi and rickshaws.

The most prominent public hang-out in the Satta Bazaar is the ‘Chintamani Masala’. This huge open air market has a central seating area and around it are small restaurants that sell a variety of traditional South Asian dishes. Chintamani Masala sells everything from rice to chillies, from pickles to curry, and everything in between. Other small eateries and stalls also line the street.

The other large public hang-out in the Satta Bazaar is the ‘Ebony Assama’. The name itself tells you what this place sells-an entire rack of amazing black-eyed peas, and a whole variety of ‘gourmet’ nuts. As the name suggests, you will find roasted, salted, or grilled ‘gumbo’. You can also get an amazing assortment of fried and boiled vegetables, and a wide selection of handicrafts, garment wholesalers, fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood.

The other main attraction in the Satta Bazaar is the huge granite stone carving market that is located inside the markets. Here you will find carved wooden idols of Hindu gods and goddesses that have been beautifully carvings by the ‘Sadhana’ artists of Bengal. These colorful gods and goddesses add a distinct religious atmosphere to the bazaars and attract people of all ages. While here, don’t miss the ‘Dahi Handi’ that comes out of a coconut shell and is the national dish of West Bengal. The festival, held during Durga Puja, sees millions of Hindus around the country preparing ‘Dahi Handi’ as part of their ritual.

The Satta Bazaar is definitely not your average flea market. It offers an entire array of goods and services, ranging from high-end garments, household wares, furniture and statues to jewelry and books. You will also find a host of cheap and tasty restaurants serving local and regional cuisine. No matter what you’re looking for, this busy, bustling bazaar promises fun and excitement for everyone.